What Is The Best Link Building Strategy?

“Ranking without links is really really hard.” – Google

The latest Google Core Algorithm is centred on links and it is all about earning high-quality links, with the best SEO strategy. However, this is not a simple task. This article illustrates on how you should take advantage of the Link Building strategy to grow your business and get the maximum ROI.

Why are links important?

During the earlier days, when Yahoo! and Alta Vista were dominating the internet, the webpages were ranked based on the content present in a webpage. After Google entered the market, it changed the game with its PageRank Algorithm, where it started analysing various other factors, to rank a website. Even today, backlinks still hold an important role in Google’s ranking signal. After Google’s Penguin Update, it now focuses on the link quality and not quantity.

How to take Advantage of the Link Building Tactics?

  • Reciprocal Links – This is a mutual agreement between two webmasters to keep hyperlinks of their own website to each other’s website. This will help the readers with a quick access to the connected website, which shows that a partnership exists between two websites. This method is followed by most SEO agency Australia, so try this out!
  • Guest Posting – It is a great thing to cherish on what people write about your business with a backlink to your website with the right keyword usage. Top SEO companies in Australia, deploy this practice to spice up your business reputation.
  • Web Directory Links – Adding your website to any webs directory with a poor domain authority simply for the sake of getting backlink is sure to have a negative effect on your website’s ranking. So choose the best directories that offer useful information for the customers, especially the niche directories and directories associated with informative websites.
  • Forum – If you get a chance to participate in a forum or an active discussion, which is relevant to your business, never miss it. This is because, if your comment adds appropriate value to the discussion, you don’t even have to worry about sharing relevant link. But make sure not to overdo.
  • Never Buy Links – Google is very strict on Links and it has already stated that buying backlinks to improve the rankings is a violation on the Google guidelines. So, instead of buying links, it is wise to invest in creating content with high-quality, and promote it in a way, it could attract backlinks naturally. Anyways, this procedure is not going to cost you much, than buying a bunch of bad links, which will harm your website’s rankings.

If you are looking to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to protect your website and plan a strategy for the future. Devise a long term SEO Australia agenda and rigorously monitor your backlink profiles. Get the help of the best SEO Company Australia for a successful link building strategy.


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