Are You Following These Fundamental SEO Best Practices?

Are You Following These Fundamental SEO Best Practices?

Google initiates changes to its ranking algorithm almost every day. Some of them are just tiny tweaks, while others are significant to cause a revolution in the SERPs. After an update, most experts in SEO Australia are agile in making quick assumptions on how to tweak their SEO strategies to secure their ranks.

However, irrespective of the changes proposed by Google, there are certain fundamental Principles which Remains Unchanged. Here are a few SEO best practices followed by the best SEO Company Australia that you should be paying attention to. They are –

Image Alt Tag

Gary Illyes says that,” Google Images and Video search is often overlooked, but they have massive potential.” Many studies confirm that Google has been using machine learning to recognise an image and understand what it is about, which is the primary function of image alt tag. Regardless of the newer impressions from AI, continue to include quality image alt tags on your website. But, keep in mind, image alt tags might become fully out-dated in another five to ten years’ time. Yet, it is a good idea to play safe by optimising your images till then.

Building Authoritative Content

After the Medic Core update in August 2018, it is evident that businesses need to concentrate on expert, authoritative and trustworthy contents. This has emphasised on building insightful and reliable contents on the website. The presented contents must be easy to understand even for an average user with reference to credible data to support your views.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP has become an absolute necessity due to the increase in the number of mobile searches. Google’s mobile-first index roll-out in 2018 has implied the need for AMP, stating that it impacts the rankings. The longer you dodge from AMP, the more tumble will your rankings witness.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords

If you avoid the LSI keywords, it will become hard for Google to identify the SEO connections on your website. So, incorporate LSI keywords, which is vital for the Google bots to understand your content and its significance to the user intent. These keywords should be linked to the content in a natural way, and not be dumped. Most SEO services Australia follow this tactic and are experiencing better results.

SSL Certification

When you visit a website, you would have noticed that Google marks it as a “Secure” or “Not Secure” website. This “Not Secure” label will make people exit from your website immediately. Hence it is vital to make your website, secure, irrespective of its effect on the Google rankings.


Maintaining the best ranking positions on Google is what every SEO company Australia strives for. But you must keep in mind, that regardless of the Google Algorithmic updates, there are many SEO practices that you should never ignore, as they will bring you good results eventually.

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