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At Top SEO Australia, our competent SEO experts follow the Google seach engine guidlines with white hat SEO strategies, aiming to fulfil the visitor’s requirements and deliver the user an enjoyable experience and at the same time providing vistors with hat they are looking for. This in turn delivers a high converstion rate and makes us stand apart from the crowd as the best SEO Company in Australia.  There’s so much to do with SEO marketing Australia! We can deliver our SEO services to clients all over Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Our SEO agency Australia comprises of extensive industry experience which makes sure that your brand performs in an extraordinary way every time. Our team comprises of an experienced team of certified Google Engineers, who are keen to every emerging trends in digital marketing. Some of our clients: Cure Dental – dentist in Parramatta

We are aware, that one strategy does not fit every business, hence we listen to each of our customer requirements and custom design our strategy to overcome the challenges and comprehend to the requirements, with custom solutions for SEO marketing Australia.

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Our SEO experts at Top SEO Australia understand search engines logic, which is basically the same as what your potential clients want.

Why Partner with Top SEO Australia, the Most Trusted SEO Company in Australia to Get Quality Traffic?

Trust is the key to any business and at Top SEO Australia we aim at earning the trust of our clients! We work in an ethical way and use only white hat techniques, offering detailed reports on the progress of each project for our clients. Our SEO services in Australia, looks to deliver the best results and retain each of our clients in a smart way! Furthermore we are competitively priced for every SEO services in Australia.

– Here are a few smart reasons to consider our SEO Services –
– We offer the best organic results at affordable rates –
– Our services are aimed at increasing the traffic to your website –
-We help improve your brand’s credibility among your customers –

Our expert SEO services Australia, will work for a better ROI, and take your business to the next level.

If you are reading this now, we believe that you own a website packed with interesting information and you are looking to drive in quality traffic to your website?
Then we have a few questions for you –

  • Were you able to drive in the Expected number of Traffic to your Website?
  • Has your website helped with growing your Revenue?
  • Is your website ranking better with a good Domain Authority?
  • Is your website performing better than your competitors?
  • Is your business listed on the best of directories?
  • Have you optimised your website for the keywords?

Is your answer NO to the above questions?
Then your website and campaigns are not optimised in the right way!

Here are a few industry statistics that will help you understand why online presence for your business matters –

  • Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.”
  • “By 2021, global retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion” – Shopify
  • “97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking every day” – Status Labs

Digital marketing does not conclude with just SEO promotions. There is a lot more to do with SEO in Australia! At Top SEO Australia, we begin right from designing the website based on the existing branding initiatives and the vision of your company on a robust framework that provides a faster and more secure development process. We also incorporate Search engine friendly URLs for the major search engines to index your website easily.

On-Site Optimisation

A website without a solid on-page optimisation is dead!

Google comes up advanced technical recommendations consistently, and AMP, Rich cards and Schema optimisation are among them!  At Top SEO Australia Pty Ltd, we stay alert to every update of Google and provide necessary recommendations to our clients in a timely manner!

In case, if you are operating your website on a CMS platform, then updating your website to the latest versions of the SEO plugin’s is a must. The skilled OnPage experts at Top SEO Australia Pty Ltd provide you with an effective onpage SEO optimisation, making sure that your website gets maximum traffic and visitors. Yes, we stay in par with the latest updates, than any other SEO company in Australia!

At Top SEO Australia Pty Ltd, we look at every features of the website to create a successful strategy. When it comes to Onsite Optimisation, we look for the following elements and optimise them accordingly. They are –

  • Canonical optimisation – We identify the canonical/duplicating URL’s and implement the right code on the website.
  • Preferred Domain Setup
  • Set Target Locations
  • txt optimisation
  • Create XML Sitemaps
  • Create 404 error pages and redirect 301
  • Optimise URLs
  • Remove orphan pages
  • We also check the Manual & Algorithmic penalties
  • Optimise the website’s speed and mobile responsiveness
  • Meta content creation & optimisation
  • Schema integration
  • Content, image and multimedia optimisation

Our smart programmers at Top SEO Australia Pty Ltd help improve the website’s functionalities to offer a better user experience. It is because, only with an appropriate Onpage optimisation, Search Engines can find your website and rank it high. Hence, we are known to be the best SEO Company Australia.

Moreover, we are one of the Top SEO companies in Australia, who offer a personal touch of SEO for your websites, to magnetise the potential visitors and bring in more sales with an increase in profits for your business.

Content Marketing

Top SEO Australia creates informative and quality content, on your website to help achieve higher rankings!

We write more realistic contents on your website, creating a great opportunity to get ahead in the SERP rankings. Optimising the contents for keyword is a factor to climb up the SERP ladder, and we do that skilfully. Our content is so informative that visitors generally share this information on their social networks, thereby creating chances of greater visibility for the website.

According to a research by the content marketing institute, “Content marketing is said to get three times more leads than paid search advertising.”

At Top SEO Australia, we create quality keyword optimised contents for the websites, in the form of News Articles, Infographics, Articles, Blogs, Informative Contents, Quotographics, Product Descriptions, Ad copy writing and much more. Even if your current website does not have quality content, our experts can write creative contents for you, to match your current business trends. This is why we are renowned as the best SEO Company Australia.

Off-Site Optimisation

Link popularity is an essential segment of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process if you are aiming to become an everyday name among the customers. Building high-quality backlinks on other websites with good domain authority, will popularise your brand among the users, generate new traffic and enhance the search engine ranking position for the search engines. The better the links, the more opportunities will your website gain!

At Top SEO Australia Pty Ltd, we help you with Link building to create credibility for your website on the web, displaying you as an authority over your competitors.  Our trained professional link builders at SEO services Australia will manually identify and select the websites with High domain authority that your website should link with.  We create awareness for your brand by organically lifting up your website’s rank in the Search Engine war.

Yes, at Top SEO Australia, we make other businesses cite your name & location with a touch of dignity!

Local SEO

There’s a lot to do with Local SEO! First, you have to observe what the top SEO companies in Australia are following to maximise their online presence.

At Top SEO Australia, we devise a special strategy to cater to your local SEO, aiming at positive results. It is because, only when you establish a strong digital presence, then you get to dominate over your competitors and gain a profitable ROI. And we help you gain a profitable ROI!

According to wordstream, “72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.”

Here are some key approaches that you should include to your local SEO plan –

  • NAP Consistency – make sure that you are named everywhere on the web, addressed on your identity, fix all NAP discrepancies.
  • List your business on the Map – have your physical address listed on Google places and other top Local listing websites, also get your business on the GPS listings so that people can easily locate your business.
  • Work on Hyper Local Citations to reach the customers in a specified area.
  • Niche Citations to reach the customers of a specified category.
  • Media Exposure – Well researched, trending Press Releases showcasing the updates of your business.
  • Set your profiles on top coupon sharing sites.
  • Get influential on the Social Networking sites.

At Top SEO Australia, we use all the above approaches and even more tactics to handle complex SEO projects with ease! We precisely optimise the Local business websites based on the location.

Our expert SEO agency Australia, is best aware of the ethical SEO practices and does everything to upgrade your online reputation and makes your brand widespread among your customers. They know the best websites to list your local business and improve on your local visibility.

We strengthen your local reputation and create the possibility of generating quality leads!

———– FAQ’s ———–

Why is SEO important for any business?

In this digital era, most of them look for information online before making a purchase. Hence brands, which do not have a strong presence online, will fall behind their competitors. SEO determines which websites have to rank high for a search query that is entered in the search engine. Also, it provides the maximum visibility and credibility that is required to attract the customers. The higher your website ranks in results pages, the more clicks, traffic and conversions will your website generate. Moreover, SEO Australia is cost-effective than the traditional marketing mediums.

How can I improve SEO for my Local Business?

SEO is not easy for any company. The search engine results pages are very competitive and any business has to make twice the effort to obtain the desired results. SEO company Australia, helps to boost the number of visits, enhances the quality of leads, and improves sales, using the following key tactics –

  • The best way to get business from the local searches is to create a ‘Google My Business Listing.’ This acts as a mini directory and displays your business as result when it is searched for.
  • Create backlinks from the local publications – this can include a press release, guest blogging or can even include an advertisement that contains the backlink.
  • Local Directory submissions – List your business information, such as your name, address, phone number, website, opening hours along with a brief description in the local directories.
  • Optimise your website for keywords – Use Google’s keyword planner and find out the local keywords that your potential customers are using to find brands. Include the keywords in the Meta tags, URL structure and anchor text.
  • Create contents aimed at the local market that might interest them and publish the contents on the website.

These are just a glimpse of factors, contact one of the top SEO companies in Australia to improve SEO for your local business that gives you results!

Why should I focus on Local Business Listing in SEO?

Local business listings have the ability to promote a business among the local audience, who are most likely to turn into customers.  Listing on the search engines, will show the physical location of the business on the maps with the relevant information – Address, Phone number, services offered, opening hours, etc., therefore creating and claiming the local business listings are highly important for your business. Also, they are an important component of Google and other search engines to determine on the rankings.  Hence, get the help of SEO services Australia, to help promote your business online.

What is the difference between Organic SEO and Local SEO?

Organic SEO revolves around a website, this marketing system helps your website to be search engine friendly and get ranked for significant keywords. Whereas, the perception of Local SEO aims at, building relevant signals, in and around a specific location. Here are a few more differences –

  • Organic SEO intends to get high rankings for a specific set of keywords, while the main goal of Local SEO is to get noticed in the local listings.
  • Links play a major role in getting better rankings and increased traffic with organic SEO, where local SEO depends on citations. They grab the attention of Google to increase the relevance and authority of your business.

Talk to the best SEO company Australia, to apply the right SEO process for your business.

Should I focus on organic SEO or Paid SEO for my business?

The question can be a little tricky, as both are vital for any business. A research states that – “organic results are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results,” while, PPC Ads “are 1.5 times more likely to convert click thru from the search engine. “ However, with paid SEO it is easy to grab a place on the first pages, whereas Organic SEO consumes more time to provide with results. But, it builds the credibility for your business while being cost effective. If you are either looking for quick results or sturdy results, discuss with the best SEO agency Australia, who will help you take the right decision.

What are the Best Local SEO techniques for Local Business?

SEO keeps evolving every time, and it is essential to adapt to the trends and optimise your website accordingly. If you don’t optimise properly, your competitors will out rank you. Listed below are a few tactics that might help in SEO marketing Australia

  • Optimise the title and Meta tags that reflects the name of the city your business. Focus on the targeted keyword and carefully place that keyword in the tag.
  • Google says that, four out of five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches before making a purchasing decision. The sad reality is that, many local businesses have not claimed their local business listing online, missing out the huge business opportunity. But, make sure that your Name, Address and Phone number is consistent across the web.
  • Online reviews matter for your business. Try to get the maximum positive reviews from your customers, as this will build up the credibility of your business.

Take advantage of the best SEO services in Australia, and optimise your website for your business.

Why do keywords matter in SEO?

Google announces about 500-600 algorithm changes every year. This means, that even if you hold high ranks for a competitive keyword, there is no guarantee that you will stay stagnant for the keywords on the same rank. There are over 200 major elements that might possibly affect your position in Google search results, and keyword ranking is one such major element. It is vital to use the keywords on the strategic positions on your website – the Meta tags, Image Alt tags, URL etc., Google can also understand synonyms and variations in keywords, and it can understand even the toughest of the language. So you can even try with long-tailed keywords and relevant phrases for SEO. Get to know on the other factors too from the top SEO agency Australia!

My website is ranking well now, should I still invest in SEO?

From the outside, it might seem that you have reached the top ranks in the search engine for the keywords. However, the internet is highly competitive for this fact to remain true. An effective SEO marketing comprises of numerous strategies to gain good rankings, increase the potential lead and the conversion rate. Once when you stop with the strategy, your rankings might begin to fall as your competitor’s active campaign might take your place. SEO is not a one-time investment, it requires continuous maintenance to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, partner with one of the top SEO companies in Australia and stay ahead of the competition.

How long will it take to witness results from the SEO campaigns?

The result of an SEO campaign depends on the various factors determined by the search engines. If the search engine, regularly crawls your website, you can witness fast results. Whereas, for the Fresh domains and smaller websites, it might take more time to witness the results as they are less crawled by the search engines. To make the search engines, identify and crawl your website, it is best to index and create contents with the significant keywords. This will help the search engines to identify the website easily. It requires expert knowledge to get better results from the SEO campaigns, so it is wise to work with an SEO agency in Australia for better results.

My website is not recovering the rankings after a Google Penalty, why?

Google penalties occur because of the bad backlinks. The following could be the reasons of your site not getting recovered –

  • Your bad backlinks are still sticking on to the website
  • Your disavow report is still incomplete
  • You haven’t still revised the contents of your website
  • Your website lacks quality backlinks
  • There are unknown technical problems associated with the website
  • Your reconsideration request is still under review

Discuss with the experts in SEO Australia to understand the ways you can recover your website!

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