YouTube SEO Hacks to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website

YouTube SEO Hacks to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website

Youtube is a platform with unbounded opportunities! But, the challenge is, it is a crowded place, with several videos uploaded to it every day!

Considering this flooding of videos every time, how do you get people to watch yours?

Here are a few practices followed by the best SEO Company Australia that can help optimise your videos for SEO and get more traffic to your videos and website.

  • Lengthy Video Descriptions

You should always remember that neither Google not YouTube will be able to watch or listen to your video. This means they rely on the description part to understand about the video contents. The more YouTube and Google knows about your video the more confidently will it rank your video for the targeted long tail keywords. Hence make sure that your video descriptions have a word count of at least 100 to 150. Our SEO specialist in Australia, are highly competent and write effective descriptions with the best converting keywords.

  • Keyword Optimisation

Getting your video ranked on YouTube is great, but ranking it on Google is better! Though Google offers an integral space in the SERPs, it applies only for ‘Video Keywords’. Ultimately, before deciding on the keywords for your video, check if there are any video results that are already available on the first pages. In that case, you should strongly consider using that keyword, as it has the probability to get your video ranked on YouTube and Google.

  • Get Views from Social Communities

The online social communities are great places to drive in more traffic!  There are more possibilities of consumers sharing your video among their friends, which might be of help to you. Content and quality of the video also matters, if you are looking to get the maximum ‘views and shares’ from the targeted source.

  • Encourage ‘Subscribes’ and ‘Likes’

User experience is an important factor to the YouTube algorithm. Hence, encourage ‘subscribe’ and ’like’ that will send a strong note to YouTube, that you have some worthy videos on your page. So, make sure to include a strong call to action in every video that urges people to subscribe and like.

  • Organise your Playlists

The best way to get more traffic to your videos is to arrange the videos into playlists. When you have more than 10 videos on your YouTube channel, organise them into playlists according to their subject matter. Our SEO specialist in Australia, will help you in optimising the channel ensuring maximum number of views.

Hope this article helped you with more information on YouTube SEO. If you want to take your game to the next level, work with the best SEO Company Australia who will help optimise your YouTube channel!

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