Easy Ways to Convert Your Website Traffic into Leads

Easy Ways to Convert Your Website Traffic into Leads

Your website drives in more traffic? Then, are you able to procure the expected revenue out of your traffic? Well, you cannot until you convert that traffic to potential leads and make a sale!

Here are a few effective tactics in SEO marketing Australia to convert the traffic into leads –

  • Effective Landing Pages

It is the most effective way to convert a visitor into a lead. If you are able to provide the informative content on the landing page, and collect the necessary contact information from the visiting traffic, the landing page can give you a conversion ratio of more than 50%. Especially, when you have several landing pages, it will increase the chance of maximum lead collection. You can also put up different information on services on the landing page, and carry out an A/B testing to find out which one will really work out for you!

  • The Notification Bar

Notification bars have the power to attract the attention of any users. They can be configured to stick to the top, flashing the latest updates or discounts. There are many organisations that offer designing & implementation of notification bars, which can be a bit pricey. Hence get the help of SEO marketing Australia, for an economical option.

  • Popup Forms

Popup forms are the best option to collect the basic information of web traffic. This collected data can be used in the future to retarget the visitors and convert them into potential leads with your amazing business offers/discounts.

  • Side bars

Side bars are a great option to display the forms. Studies reveal that people pay attention to the sidebars, when they are not interested in reading the contents of a page. Whereas, when you have an offer listed on the sidebar, they are likely to fill out the form, to find out if you might offer something interesting that meets their requirements.

  • Header form

This is not a good solution though it has the ability to grab a lot of leads in a short duration. It is likely to affect the user experience in the long run, and they cannot function well when the caching system is turned on.

Though there are a number of methods to acquire leads, the ultimate concept is the same – ‘Attract visitors’ and deliver them with the most effective information that will build trust among the users. Work on the strategy with the best SEO Company Australia, who will help you out with an effective solution to bring in quality leads.

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