Simple Tricks to Generate High Quality Convertible Leads in your Budget

Simple Tricks to Generate High Quality Convertible Leads in your Budget

The biggest challenge of any business owner is generating high quality leads at a lower cost! However, most business owners, when they look out to generate fresh convertible leads for business, they usually depend on paid ads to generate leads. But, most business owners usually disclose that some of the ads bring in high quality leads that convert, while most of them do not. Meanwhile, the cost of the leads is also very high.

However, there are only two ways of generating leads – Organic SEO and the Paid Ads. Most businesses do not take organic SEO seriously for generating leads for their business, as it takes time and they don’t have the patience to wait. Everyone looks for instant results, which becomes the reason for the surge in unsustainable lead costs for businesses.  So, planning in advance and working with the right SEO Agency Australia is significant, if you are looking to generate quality leads, or you might end up spending a lot of money on campaigns at the last moment.

So, what could be the ways to bring in quality leads in budget?


Paid Ads or Organic SEO, they can’t function without the help of keywords. They are really important as they give you an insight of what your prospective customers are looking for. There are many tools in the market that can help you out with the volume of search and find out if there is real demand for your product or services. The best way to rank easily on the search results is to target on the long tail keywords, it is because, the amount of competition is literally less for the long tail keyword than the short tail keywords. SEO experts Australia can help you out with the best keyword research for your business that will drive in quality traffic.

Research studies reveal that, “the organic listings on Google get 100 times more clicks than the paid listings.” This is a clear proof of that SEO is yet a major driver for traffic on the internet.

Content Marketing

Since the purpose is to acquire high-quality leads at low cost, create contents and drive in traffic to the website, through search engines. The cost of conversion of acquiring traffic will be relatively very low. Not just the cost of traffic, the kind of people who visit the website will also be of higher quality, because they are already looking out for specific contents. So, get the keyword ideas and then use them to create content for your websites. Ultimately, if you have hundreds of pages on the blog that is targeting on long tail keywords, the total amount of traffic these keywords generate are going to be much higher than what you could actually get with paid Ads.


Now that you have got ways to acquire the traffic at low cost with a high conversion ratio, it is time to use the strategy of paid ads here. Out of the various categories, retargeting ads using the right landing page is relatively cheap and convert to potential leads.

It requires a lot of expertise to generate high quality leads in a low budget, hence, get the help of an SEO Agency Australia, to generate potential leads and yield more ROI for your business.

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