Rank High With These Effective Onpage SEO Tips For 2019

Rank High With These Effective Onpage SEO Tips For 2019

The primary rule in SEO is to offer value to the website to gain rankings. There are more than 200 criterions, which Google considers to rank a website! Hence, in order to rank well among the search engines, you have to offer clear signals that your website pages are better than your competitors.

There are a lot of tactics and best practices of how to achieve this, here are a few of them followed by experts at SEO Company Australia

  • Pick the best Keywords

Keywords have a great role in ranking your content and driving in potential traffic. But, competing on difficult keywords with a fresh domain and poor backlinks is of no use. Similarly, ranking on top for keywords that no one searches also, will not be of much help. So, start with keywords that are simple and has got a reasonable amount of traffic.

  • Detailed Contents

Write detailed informative contents for your website, which are keyword rich and about 2000 words. It should contain a pool of statistics, how to’s and much more. In short, it should be an abode of information. This is because, search engines, want to show to its users, the most accurate information they search for. Also, Google looks to list these types of informative answers to the query on #1. Hence if you cover a topic in depth, there are possibilities of your websites ranking high. Note: The SEO experts Australia are renowned for writing search engine friendly contents that will help with rankings, getting their help will allow you to focus on other priorities.

  • Optimise the Meta Tags

The Meta titles and descriptions play a significant role when it comes to ranking. It is always good to include your keywords to the title. Be very concise with the description, and convey the information in a crisp way with a cliffhanger at the end, so that people will be curious to know more.

  • Short and Descriptive URL’s

Choose URL’s that are brief and precise in about 3 to 5 words, simultaneously including the keyword to the URL. An SEO company Australia, is aware of the best practices and can help you out with the right URL structure.

  • Make use of the H1 & H2 tags

Optimising the Headers will help you win a space in the ‘Featured Snippets.’ The H1 tag should be specifically written with keywords for the title of the post. You can use H2 tags as subheadings for the content with the keywords.

  • A few other Technical factors to consider

– Invest on a premium Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the fast loading of contents.

– Always choose images of small sizes. Reduce the file size of the images, before you upload them with the help of image compressor tools.

– Make the website mobile responsive. Install AMP to rank even higher.

Finally, always create fresh, unique and informative contents by looking at the trends and updating the pages with information. Also, take full advantage of the Google Analytics and Google Search console data, which will help you with the keywords that drive traffic to each blog post. By this way, you can, focus on the performing keywords and rank better!

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